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DOECAP Guidance
EM-3 Memo-Dave Bottrell-EMCAP Milestone Implementation, 5/19/03
EH-1 Beverly Cook Memo-DOECAP Implementation as Complex Wide Program, 1/13/04
Beverly Cook Memo-DOECAP Redundant Audits, April 7, 2004
EM-1 Jessie Roberson Memo-12/5/02 & Implementation of the EMCAP, 2/12/03 with IRRAP
Laboratory Checklists - External
Checklist 1 Quality Assurance Management Systems Rev. 4.0
Checklist 2 Data Quality for Organic Analyses Rev. 4
Checklist 3 Data Quality for Inorganic Analyses Rev. 6
Checklist 4 Data Quality for Radiochemistry Analysis Rev. 5
Checklist 5 Laboratory Information Management Systems and Data Quality Rev. 4
Checklist 6 Hazardous and Radioactive Materials Management and Health and Safety Practices Rev 4
Checklist-10 Laboratory Closure Checklist Final
QSAS Rev. 2.9
ICPT BOA SOW Rev 2 - 2006
Analytical Services Program (ASP) Documents
ASER Workshop Environmental Monitoring Meeting 2008
DOD San Antonio Presentation 2009
Naval Reactor-HSS Workshop Presentation Mar 2009
ASER with DOE Environmental Workshop October 2010
George Presentation for Environmental Monitoring Workshop 10-2011
Todd Hardt RMCC 2011 Presentation
Joe Pardue ASQ 2011
A Corporate Overview of the Department of Energy Consolidated Audit Program (DOECAP)
Laboratory Schedule
Laboratory Audit Schedule2013
ASP 2013 Workshop Presentations
101 George Detsis-Welcome 2013
101-A Gary Dechant Tribute.
102 George Detsis ASP Overview
105 Ben Terry Savannah River SSR
103 Jorge Ferrer DOECAP Overview FY 2013
106 Beth McIlwain Idaho SSR
107 Richard Martin Auditor Training
201 Dale Larsen Hydraulic Fracturing
202 Elicia Sanchez WCS Federal Cell
203 Lara Phelps Collaborations
207 Jack Hall Hydra IIc Hg Study
208 Laura Shealy TOXICITY CSI
209 Pete and Dennis DOE O 435.1
302 Brent Pulsipher VSP Overview
303 David Graham Biological VSP
304 Don MacQueen VSP at LLNL
305 Tim Vitkus VSP at ORAU
306 Lisa Zhang CEBAM
309 Michelle Briscoe Hg Speciation
310 Don Dihel DUF6
401 Beth Thompson Hurdles in Tox Testing
402 MAPEP Presentations
405 Chris Cornwell Introduction to Dioxins
406 Joe Pardue Facility Closure Audits
407 Doran Christensen REAC-TS
408 Robert Fox Berkeley SSR
409 Steve Donivan Leg Mgmt SSR
410 Don Dihel Paducah SSR
411 Don Dihel PORTS SSR
412 Aaron White OREM SSR
413 Robert Elkins ORP SSR
414 Virgene Mulligan It Works
415 Larry Penfold Causal Effect Management
DoD/DOE QSM Rev. 5.0
DoD/DOE Quality System Manual (QSM) Rev. 5.0
AD-1 DOECAP Policies and Procedures
FY13 Analytical Services Program Report